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To give your production that special atmosphere or to enhance any show or event Crown Stage can supply a great variety of special effects equipment.
Pyrotechnics are ideal for producing the classic theatre flash effect as well as producing stunning effects for concerts, product launches and finale's with the use of flying confetti and glitter, coloured sparks, smoke, loud bangs and whistles. Strobe lighting can be used to produce basic lighting effects as well as bring a stunning edge to many theatrical scenes, clubs or live music events.
Cost effective lighting effects can be produced by the use of colour filters and gobos to produce simple projected images. More stunning cloud, rain, fire and water effects can be produced by the addition of motorised animation discs. Ultra violet light fittings and the use of scenic paints can add an additional magical glow effect. Please contact our sales department to ensure that you choose the correct fitting for your venue.
Smoke and haze machines are specially designed to bring out the best from your lighting effects. As well as enhancing lighting these machines are ideal for producing mist, fog or smoke effects and adding atmosphere to many theatrical scenes.  
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