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Crown Stage & Theatre Services is planning to create a training programme to cover all the basic aspects of technical theatre production.
Lighting Equipment - This part of the course will cover the key components used to light a theatrical production including the use of colour filters and gobos. We will also cover the safe use of lighting equipment and basic cleaning and upkeep of lighting equipment.

Dimming & Control Equipment - During this part of the programme we will demonstrate how dimming and control equipment is linked together. We will give basic training on the use of both manual and computerised lighting consoles to show how much effect this equipment can have on the quality of your show. We will also cover basic fault finding to help you avoid the expense of call out charges when there is only a minner fault.

Sound Equipment - We will show you how a sound system is put together including radio microphones, CD players, mixing consoles, amplifiers and loud speakers. Then we will cover how to achieve the best quality sound from all components and basic fault finding.
Effects Equipment - In this brief section we will cover the variuos different stage effects available such as ultra violet, strobe lighting and the safe use of pyrotechnics and its associated hardware.
Health & Safety - During this section we will show safe methods of rigging lanterns and other equipment. We will cover all required regulations to ensure that the highest level of safety is achieved for both yourself, the performers and the general public.
This course has been designed to enable you to achieve a professional show in the safest possible environment and to also give you an insight to what can be achieved with the use of simple cost effective equipment.