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Sound systems vary from a basic portable PA system through to a full installation comprising of everything from a microphone or cassette player through to mixing consoles, amplifiers and loudspeakers. Crown Stage can supply many types of recording and playback equipment including cassette recorders, mini disc, compact disc and compact disc recorders.
We supply and install a vast range of loudspeakers to suite every application, from a simple portable kit through to professional theatre and club systems. Crown Stage can design multiple zone PA and show relay. We can even supply loudspeakers for use in underwater situations.

A vast range of amplifiers are available to suit every type of venue and application. We can produce either portable or fixed rack units. If you are unsure what equipment you require to run your system please do not hesitate in contacting our sales office. At the heart of the any system is a mixing console. These consoles vary depending on the amount of equipment producing the sound (microphones, CD players etc.) and the type of output required.

As well as theatre and studio equipment Crown Stage can also provide audio equipment for club and disco use.
Whatever your requirements Crown Stage can supply a microphone to suit. From a basic handheld vocal microphone through to a complete radio microphone system. For further information please contact the sales office and we will be happy to provide the right equipment and accessories for your venue and budget.
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