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Whether you are a school, college, amateur or professional theatre Crown Stage and Theatre Services has a wide range of lanterns to suite your venue and budget. We also supply a range of television, studio, location and photographic lanterns. If you require advice on which lighting products are suitable for your venue we will be happy to carry out a site visit and produce a competitive quotation.
A large variety of accessories are held in stock. Including colour filters, stage hardware, lighting stands, theatre and television lamps, electrical conductors, cable and adhesive tapes. We also offer a comprehensive range of drama packs that include all the accessories to enable you to light your show with least amount of time and effort. These kits have been designed for ease of use and compact storage.
Crown Stage & Theatre Services are a main agent for Altman Lighting and exports equipment to many European and Middle eastern Countries.
The Altman range covers an extensive variety of light fittings and hardware for the film, theatre, television and architectural sectors.

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